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About Us

Being The First Ever Garment Dyers In London We Are The Market Leaders In The Business, With A Vast Majority Of Central London Clients We Understand Every Aspects In Our Service, 


If You Live Far From Our Store You Could Post Us The Garment With A Pre Paid Return Envelope And Your Contact Details On A Piece Of Paper With The Ideal Colour You Would Want

The Clientele Which Use Our Dye Service Ranges From Individuals To Famous Designer Companies


We Understand The Feeling When A Cherished Garment Has Faded Or Stained Soo Badly It Doesnt Come Out, Our Dye Service Not Only Removes The Stain But Gives Your Garment A Brand New Look 


The Dyeing Process Gives You A Wide Range Of Colours To Choose From Giving YourGarment A Completely Different Look. The Duration Of The Process May Vary Because We Aim To Give You Back Your Garment Above Your Expectation.  So If You Have A Favourite Item In Your Wardrobe Which Has Lost Sheen Or Has Been Damaged Do Not Hesistate To Come To Us For Help.