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Our Service

Dyeing for london for over 50years, our successful strategies in business has helped us enhance in our services 

Our services include:

• Garment Dyers In London

Being the first garment dyeing specialist in london we have over 50 years experience in the trade, having the latestest machinery in dyeing different fibers of fabric we can ensure you a even shade throughout the garment

• Wedding Dress Dye In London
Wedding dresses are usually only wore once and then stored away, We at london dyers dye and alter over 200 wedding dresses a week so that the client could wear their wedding dress again as a evening ball dress. The benefits of dyeing and altering a wedding dress is close to having a bespoke evening dress made for a fraction of the price

• Down Sizing In London
Have a sweater that is stretched out? not to worry we have suffiecient machinery in place to restore the elastic back to its original size without damaging the fabric

• Stonewashing In London
Please note this service applies to trade only

• Fabric Dye In London
Please note this service applies to trade only, we can dye fabrics to a sample colour minimum 5 metres only

• Upholstery & Furniture Dye In London
Furniture Dye includes
Sofa covers


Table cloths

Bed Linen

• Curtain Dye In London
Curtain dyeing is a process which we pride ourself in processing immaculately, Some curtains may need to be dry cleaned by ourselves prior to dyeing to ensure a even finishing, certain curtains may also need the lining removed by ourselves prior to dyeing to ensure no damage to the lining in the dye process

• Bleaching In London

Having a white garment is difficult to maintain, certain stains on white garments sit ontop of the white dye and do not come of, instead of dyeing the garment a different colour we can bleach it back to white without damaging the original dye